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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Theresa. I am the owner of Sami Dolls and the doll & pattern maker, as well as the web designer, the photographer, the video director and editor of all the Video Tutorials. 
I live in Australia. I moved here from Germany in late 2008.

On my website I am offering my handmade, unique, one of a kind dolls, doll clothes, handbags and more and I am also offering my patterns, so you can experience the joy of creating a handmade masterpiece yourself.

Whether you are a beginner sewer or advanced, you will find different patterns here to suit you. And with my sewing series on YouTube for beginners, you will be an advanced sewer before long as well.

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Sami Dolls was born from my own journey to learn to sew, crochet and start a handmade business.

I started by sewing quilts, making little stuffies and kids clothes for our local market and then I got into Waldorf Doll Making back in 2011.

I grew up with dolls that my mum made for me and my brother. I had long forgotten about them until I saw a picture of a Waldorf doll on Facebook. My cuteness radar went through the roof and my creative self accepted the challenge of learning to make cloth dolls myself.
I bought a lot of books about Waldorf Doll making and went through a lot of trial and error before the dolls looked the way I wanted.

I want to offer easy and accessible patterns and video tutorials so that everyone can learn the art of dollmaking and can experience the joy of 'giving birth' to a little cloth child.

I also want to offer easy and comprehensive sewing and crochet tutorials, so that you have all the basics you need to dress your doll from head to toe.

I strive to offer a variety of free and paid patterns and will continue to share my crafty journey with you.

Thank you for stopping by. I value every visit. ♥